Why Tony Wroten Should Be The Sixers Starting Point Guard

Wroten2Yes, you read right. I think that Coach Brett Brown should really think about sitting rookie Michael Carter-Williams and start Wroten at point guard when the season starts on October 30th.

Okay, calm down. Relax. Just hear me out before you start writing nasty emails and leaving comments how I’m crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about.

My reasoning is based on three things that I think make the Sixers a better team with Wroten as the starting point guard. And don’t start with the whole “Winless for Wiggins” thinking and tanking the season. I have less than no desire to watch the 76ers lose night after night and I think Wroten gives them their best chance to win more games then everyone thinks they will.

So what are my reasons? Read on.


Now that might seem laughable to most when you consider Wroten has all of 35 NBA games under his belt, averaging 7.8 minutes per game while he was with the Memphis Grizzlies. But to my mind, experience is experience no matter how you slice it. And in this league, that means everything.

Much has already been made of the fact the Sixers are playing at too frantic a pace, still trying to learn the tempo of the professional game and that it’s resulted in the team turning the ball over way to many times during their two preseason contests. The only thing that will change that is experience and, while most would argue to give that time to Carter-Williams, if the Sixers want to see what this team might be capable of, they should start Wroten and let him drive the timing and speed of the game. Let him control the pace and show the other guys how to slow down and rein in their play.

Evan Turner

One fact that you can’t ignore about the two preseason games in Europe is that Turner and Wroten made for quite the combo on the court. Combining for 80 points and an astounding 40 trips to the free throw line over the course of the two games, the Turner/Wroten duo looks like it could be something special.

And aren’t you just the tiniest bit curious to see what could happen if Wroten started instead of coming in off the bench? Yes, they need to get the turnover situation under control, but the two are attacking the rim like their lives depended on it. Maybe a player like Wroten is just what Turner needs to begin transforming into player the the Sixers thought he would be when they drafted him with the #2 overall pick.

Protecting Michael Carter-Williams

When you look at the 76ers long term plan, there can be no doubt that Carter-Williams is the point guard of the future for this team. He’ll be playing that position for a long time and will hopefully be the one to lead the Sixers back to the playoffs.

But when it comes to the 2013-14 season, it’s important that Brett Brown not just throw him into the pool and hope he can swim. A losing season like the Sixers are going to embark on later this month can do a lot of damage to a young player, more mentally then physically. You begin to think losing is normal and to escape that way of thinking isn’t always easy. So why not let Wroten be the starter, at least for the first part of the season? It gives Carter-Williams more time to adjust to the NBA and put his head in the right place.

So there you have it; my case for making Tony Wroten the starting Sixers point guard. I really feel like the team can win more games with him as the starter then having him come in off the bench.

Michael Carter-Williams will have plenty of chances to put in some serious minutes this season, but let’s see if we can avoid all out tanking for as long as possible.

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