The Return Of Hollis Thompson

Hollis Thompson Philadelphia 76ers

One of the few players that made an impression with both fans and the media during the original Season of Tanking, Hollis Thompson seemed to have a future with the Sixers. He finished the 2013-14 season averaging 6 points, 0.9 assists and 3.2 rebounds per game playing both forward and guard and seemed to be developing a solid three-point shot.

After going undrafted out of Georgetown, it appeared as if Thompson would find a home in the NBA coming off the bench for the Sixers as a defender and threat from beyond the arc.

But the 2014-15 season hadn’t been going exactly according to plan.

Early in the season Thompson was all but forgotten, picking up minutes but not really doing anything worthwhile with them as rookies K.J. McDaniels and Nerlens Noel grabbed the spotlight. Then he missed 11 games in December due to an upper respiratory infection that left him out of shape and destined to join the Delaware 87ers.

But due to injury and trades, Thompson remained with the Sixers and has fought to regain some playing time as the team has improved. The results of his hard work were on full display as the Sixers beat the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night 105-98, where Thompson scored a career-high 23 points and hit 4 for 6 from beyond the arc.

Hollis Thompson

It was a capstone to an impressive comeback that has seen Thompson score 45 points over the last three games on 67.9 shooting and pick up where he left off last season from the three-point line, shooting 62.5 percent. As a matter of fact, since making his return January 13 against the Atlanta Hawks, Thompson has had a three-pointer in 12 of those 14 games.

And for those keeping score, that means that the Sixers now have not one, but three valid three-point shooting threats in the form of Jerami Grant, Robert Covington and Thompson.

Thompson is still trying to find his role on the team, telling John Finger of CSN

“It’s taken me some time and I still feel like I’m working on finding my new position on the team.”

With the resurgence of Thompson, the Sixers offense as a whole is beginning to see signs of life as the team has shot 38.9% from beyond the arc in the three games since Thompson got his stroke back. The Sixers still rank dead last in the NBA in points per game at 89.8, but with the emergence of Grant and Covington there is a glimmer of hope.

The Sixers have three more games ahead of them before going into the All-Star break and getting some much needed rest. With Thompson getting his groove back and the rest of the team playing better and more cohesively, it should make for a very interesting second half of the season.

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